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VIP Testing Serves focuses on STD testing but we wanted to briefly comment on the current pandemic because it is an example where testing is essential to preventing the spread of a contagious disease. In order to contract any STD you have to have intimate contact with someone who has it since you must have contact with infected blood or body fluids. So one can easily prevent infection by avoiding anyone who hasn’t been tested negative. That is what we do at VIP, allow you to easily get tested so you don’t have to be concerned about STD’s. COVID-19 is spread much more easily since it is an airborne virus. And like some STD’s people who have it maybe have no symptoms. So avoiding it is much more difficult. If you are concerned then contact your doctor and ask if you need to be tested. Testing is becoming more available so you may now qualify for a test when you would not have just a few weeks ago. The link below is the the CDC guidelines as of 3/20/20. VIP will post more current guidelines when they are available.

COVID-19 CDC Testing guidelines