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Covid-19 antibody testing

VIP can now offer Covid-29 antibody testing for 75 USD. The test is not yet posted in our testing menu but if you would like to be tested please fill out your demographics and contact us and we will arrange testing. Simply mention Covid-19 antibody in the special comments section.

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Affiliate discount codes

We now have discount codes available through our sales affiliates. Please ask them and save some money on your next order.

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VIP service and results

During this lock down VIPtesting is available for those people who still need testing.  LabCorp is open but test results are coming back a little more slowly than normal.  The delays are only 1-2 days but we wanted to let everyone know. Please play safe and be safe from Covid-19 as well.

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VIP Testing Serves focuses on STD testing but we wanted to briefly comment on the current pandemic because it is an example where testing is essential to preventing the spread of a contagious disease. In order to contract any STD you have to have intimate contact with someone who has it since you must have contact with infected blood or body fluids. So one can easily prevent infection by avoiding anyone who hasn’t been tested negative. That is what we do at VIP, allow you to easily get tested so you don’t have to be concerned about STD’s. COVID-19 is spread much more easily since it is an airborne virus. And like some STD’s people who have it maybe have no symptoms. So avoiding it is much more difficult. If you are concerned then contact your doctor and ask if you need to be tested. Testing is becoming more available so you may now qualify for a test when you would not have just a few weeks ago. The link below is the the CDC guidelines as of 3/20/20. VIP will post more current guidelines when they are available.

COVID-19 CDC Testing guidelines


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LabCorp Patient Portal

VIP testing tries to make the process as convenient as possible. LabCorp provides a patient portal so you can access all your test results from your computer, tablet or phone at anytime. If you would like simply sign up here. Everyone have a safe new year.

LabCorp Patient Portal

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Using you insurance for your VIP Test

VIP provides STD testing at the lowest price possible so cost will not be a barrier to getting tested. No we don’t take insurance. There are several reasons for this. Our service offers discretion and convenience. Direct payment prevents your testing from being reported to your insurance company and therefore being entered into your medical record. That information stays with us and LabCorp only. Positive tests must be reported by law but that is the only exception. Direct payment allow us to process and report results in as little as 3 business days. That being said, you can still get your tests covered by your insurance if you would like. You can submit the claim yourself and get the reimbursement allowed by your insurance. This will vary depending on the particular plan. We can provide the information necessary.

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VIP now using LapCorp

As of 1/1/2019, VIP Testing Services will be using LapCorp for all your testing needs. The change was based on LabCorp’s Superior information system, not due to any differences in testing technology. The change will allow an easier testing process and faster results. Below is the LabCorp patient portal link where you can access all your tests done at LabCorp including VIP test results.


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Ophelia Rain – Director Sales and Social Media

Meet Ophelia Rain

VIP Testing Services is proud to introduce Ophelia Rain, VIP’s Director of Sales and Social Media.  Ophelia Rain is an adult film star and works closely with Joanna Angel of Buring Angel.  Ophelia Rain will be representing VIP Testing Services at various events around the country and will be posting images about all the fun she is having on our Facebook page.  Sign up for our Twitter account also for real time tweets about where she is and where you can meet her in person.Poster of Opelia Rain dressed in a short black dress with white stocking and garter belts as a cosplayer for Burning Angel

More About Ophelia

Ophelia is also a B horror film actress as well as a cosplayer.  You will usually find her at the Poisonous Pinups Booth at comicons and horror conventions.  She proudly holds a cover for Old Nick magazine and Poisonous Pinups.  Some of Ophelia’s movie credits include: Bite School, Milfs vs. Zombies, Dracula’s War and Return to Nukem High, Volume 2.

Nominated for an AVN Award

We at VIP Testing Services are so proud of our Director of Sales and Social Media who has been NOMINATED FOR AN AVN AWARD in the very adult film, Wednesday Addams in the Category of Parody!!! We wish her all the best and can’t wait to see photos of her on the red carpet at this exciting event in Vegas.

Look for Ophelia Rain at the AVN Awards in Vegas!Nude woman lying on her stomach with platform shoes in the air, long black hair flowing down her back and tatooed arms hiding her breasts

While at the AVN Awards later this month in Vegas, Ophelia will be promoting VIP Testing Services.  Look for her live, in person, at the Burning Angel promotional booth and talk to her about the benefits of getting all your std testing with VIP.  Get a photo with her and you may be featured in our Gallery next month.

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