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VIP Testing Services are Finally Here for all Your STD Testing Needs!!

handsome man laying on one hand with the other extended - beckoning to join him in bed.

Get tested today with VIP Testing Services

STD Testing

We know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting the launch of the VIP Testing Services website and we are proud to announce that we have arrived!!!

Competitive Pricing, Convenience and Reliability

Why would you want to use VIP Testing Services over other similar sites/services for your STD testing needs?  Competitive pricing, convenience and reliability.

Over 2,200 Testing Locations

Partnering with Quest Laboratories gives you access to over 2,200 testing facilities across the U.S. ensuring you enjoy the convenience of STD testing near you no matter where you live.

Test Results Directly to Your Smartphone

The MyQuest™ app available for smartphones allows you to view your test results right on your smartphone.  The MyQuest™ app also lets you to book your testing appointment online getting you in and out quickly by stepping to the front of the line before walk-ins.  We understand how busy you are and want to make your VIP Testing experience as easy and convenient as possible.

Access to the Latest Testing Technology

Quest Laboratories have over 900 bio-med technicians on staff.  With VIP Testing Services, you can be assured that the tests you are taking are the latest and most up-to-date in the industry – Quest Labs research facilities guarantee that.

VIP Testing Social and Media Events

We are excited about our plans to get to know you better.  Look for us at various industry events and clubs.  Check our website regularly for event locations and updates.  Are you having an event soon?  We would be happy to join you.

In future, we are considering a contest to change our Home Page model monthly.  You can submit your photo in the exact pose that our model is in and your name and photo could be featured on our Home Page.  This includes hot men.  Women, we want red shoes, just like the model.  We embrace the LGBT community so all photos are welcome.

We at VIP Testing Services look forward to meeting you, having fun and being part of the adult industry, dating and club scene community!  Hope to see you soon.

Suggestive image of a woman's shapely legs with red shoes, one dangling and a hint of red skirt for the VIP Testing Services

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